Why learn the violin?



Violin lessons are starting to get more and more popular in Singapore. Everyone, from young toddlers to adults wants to get started picking up a new music skill. Out of all the string instruments, the violin is considered to be the most popular musical instrument to learn.

Below, we have listed several benefits of learning the violin and how it can help you and your child.

  • Discipline

To pass the exams and move up the ladder, you will need lots of practice. As there are many exam syllabus, you will need to spread out your time and tell yourself to practice them every day. This requires discipline and time management.

  • Patience

Once you start learning a new violin piece, you will make mistakes in your playing. Hence it would help if you had guidance from your violin teacher and lots of practice. This requires patience as some violin songs are long and you need time before being able to play them.

  • Creativity

When you move up to grade 5, you will be tested on composing music pieces. Thus, you will need to be creative to come out with songs. By being creative, you can apply that in your work.

  • Confidence

After playing on stage a few times, you will have gotten over the stage fright and start to gain confidence in yourself. This is important as you should not doubt yourself.

  • Improving your Math

Did you know that taking children’s violin lessons is one way to improve your child’s math? During your music theory lesson, your child will have to count beats and notes. This will help him build a strong math foundation, which will be helpful in his studies.

  • Teamwork and Coordination

During a duet or accompaniment, you will partner with another musician to play a song. This requires coordination skills to play a song perfectly. Without teamwork, the song will turn out to be messy.

  • More Career Options in Life

If you love music and want to turn your passion into a career, you can become a violin teacher or violinist after achieving your diploma. You can start applying for a violin teacher job after passing your grade 5 ABRSM exam! Becoming a violin teacher or violinist is a great way to combine your love for music in your career.

Why learn the violin with us – Violin Lessons Singapore?

  •  Our violin teachers are ABRSM-certified and patient. They are trained to teach and explain clearly to young students.
  • At Violin Lessons Singapore, we teach students the Suzuki violin method. Thus they do not memorise violin exam pieces but enjoy and learn the song.
  • We have a large range of violin lessons, from toddler violin lessons to adult violin lessons.
  • We have happy comments from our previous students. Visit our testimonials page to view their testimonials.
  • We hold private violin lessons, so you can learn the violin from the comfort of your own home.
  • All our violin lessons are affordable, and we do not overprice our violin lessons. Visit our violin lessons fees page for more information.

At what age should my child start learning the violin?

We advise that children should only start taking children violin lessons from 4 years. However, there are some exceptional cases of young toddlers given the gift of the gap for playing the violin.

For example, we have seen a rare exceptional case, whereby a mother had wanted to sign her young child up for violin lessons. However, the violin teacher advised against this as she was afraid that the child would not be able to learn the violin due to her young age.

Hence, the mother decided to wait till her child was 4 years old, but brought her daughter to every violin lesson and observe from the side. A month later, the panicked mother came back wanting to sign her daughter up for toddler violin lessons. It turned out, that her child had climbed on a bookshelf to try to reach for a violin placed at the top.

After taking violin lessons, the girl quickly picked up the music instrument and was soon the best in the class. This shows that age should not be a factor of how well you can play the violin, as long as you have the talent and passion for it.

Interested to join our violin lessons?

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