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What are the benefits of learning the violin from home?
  • Learn at your own pace.

By taking 1 to 1 violin lessons, you will be able to learn the violin at your own speed.

  • Learn in the suitable environment.

Nowhere is as comfortable as your own home. Learn the violin in an environment where you are comfortable.

  • Have no distractions around you.

Without all the chatter and students, you will not be distracted by others.

  • Avoid being late for class.

By having a private violin teacher going to your home, you will not have to be worried of being late for your violin class.

Do we have ABRSM Diploma-certified violin teachers?

Looking for a permanent violin teacher to guide and help you master the violin? Our violin teachers are all specially selected by Jin himself. They are all selected based on their experience.

Being a violin teacher himself, Jin naturally knows many violin teachers (a few of which are his previous students), and more importantly how to select good violin teachers. Hence Jin is able to bring together a group of knowledgeable and ABRSM diploma certified violin teachers to help students. He has a few simple requirements when choosing a violin teacher:

  • They must have glowing testimonials and positive comments from previous or existing students. We take students’ opinions as an important factor.
  • They must be able to play any new song within a few minutes of practice. To be able to teach students to sight read and not simply memorise music pieces.
  • They must be passionate about teaching and music. Teaching students should be found enjoyable.
  • They must be friendly and able to communicate well with students. To make students’ learning easy.
How to choose a good violin teacher in Singapore?
  • A violin teacher whom delivers results you want.

Would you like to learn the violin for leisure or to pass examinations? Violin Lessons Singapore will specially select a suitable violin teacher Singapore to suit your requirements. Our violin teachers aim to help you achieve your task of learning the violin and have fun!

  • Have timings to suit you.

Violin Lessons Singapore will only select teachers whom can work within your preferable timings. Violin lessons are conducted when you are free and ready to learn. Hence there will be no rushing and you will be able to learn the your fullest.

  • A violin teacher able to pick a good violin for you.

You are only able to play as well as the violin you have. A good violin teacher can determine a student’s standard as well as select a suitable violin for you. 

Why choose us?

There are many gifted violin teachers out in Singapore today. However, there are only a minority whom can communicate well with students and even fewer whom have effective teaching methods. Some violin teachers insert fear in their students (especially children) and try to force them to learn violin. However, this will only result in students being scared of the violin teacher and skipping their violin lessons.

Hence, without the recommendation of a suitable violin teacher in Singapore, the chances of you finding a good violin teacher are slim.

Our violin teachers promote enjoyable and friendly ways to learn violin. Instead of forcing a student to simply memorize the violin song for the sake of passing the exam, we take time to teach students the basics using fun and effective methods. Thus our students will always enjoy learning the violin.

Keen to learn from our violin teachers?

To learn the violin from our violin teachers,  fill up the contact form on the right. Please tell us what grade you are learning at and where your home is.