Silent violins reviews



What is the silent violin?

The silent violin is an instrument that originated from an acoustic violin. Although it was first created for silent practice without disturbing neighbors, it is shown to have more benefits such as being used in performances and playing along with your favorite CDs.

Benefits of using a silent violin

Our students often ask us- what is the difference between a violin and a silent violin? Although silent violins are not allowed in the exams, they have their advantages over acoustic violins. We have listed several benefits a silent violin provides.

  • To avoid disturbing your neighbors or others with the music
  • An input jack is built into silent violins which allows you to slide in your CDs and play along with your song
  • Music can be heard out loud through an amplifier
  • Has a studio quality preamp
  • Commonly used in street performances because the amplified sound is loud
  • The look is ‘cooler’ than an acoustic violin
  • There is EQ tone controls (the sound frequency)
  • Has duel piezo pickups

Silent violin vs electric violin

  • Both have the same silent function (headphones or amplifier can be plugged in)
  • They are both lightweight instruments
  • In our opinion, the silent violin sounds more acoustic although some feel that the electric violin sounds more acoustic
  • The electric violin has a cleaner and punchier sound
  • The silent violin looks cooler than the electric violin

Is an acoustic violin better than a silent violin?

Many ignore the silent and electric violins at violin shops. To them, a violin is a beautiful wooden stringed instrument, able to produce excellent sound quality. Most violinists categorize a silent violin and an acoustic violin differently, labeling a silent violin as a ‘fake’ violin.

However, as violinists and good violin teachers start trying silent violins, they realize the importance of a silent violin. As more and more people start to open up to the new types of violins, the popularity of silent violins increases.

There is no ‘better’ violin between the two, but both have their advantages. Hence the type of violin you buy varies depending on what you use it for.

Should I Buy an Acoustic or Silent Violin First? (closed)

At Violin Lessons Singapore, we recommend students taking beginner violin lessons buy the acoustic violin first.

[learn_more caption=”Should I Buy an Acoustic or Silent Violin First? “] At Violin Lessons Singapore, we recommend students taking beginner violin lessons to buy the acoustic violin first.[/learn_more]

Where should I buy my silent violin from?

If your private violin teacher has advised you to buy a silent violin, you should be looking for a long-lasting good silent violin. We recommend Yamaha or any local violin shop in Singapore.

Video tutorial on how to use your silent violin (Must Watch)

If you have decided to buy a silent violin and would like to use it, watch the video below. The video is a step-by-step detailed tutorial that will touch on everything a beginner would need to know.