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Can my toddler take violin lessons?

In this day and age, many parents want their child to expose their young child to music. Although we recommend early exposure to music, a child should not be forced to learn the violin. Through experience, our good violin teachers advise parents to only sign children up for violin lessons when at the age of four. This is because toddlers might not even be able to hold a violin, let alone learn the play one. Being forced to learn the violin will only make the young child dislike playing the violin.

Can my toddler learn the violin before the age of 4?

Having said that children should not start learning the violin before the age of four, there are a few exceptional cases. For example, a mother wanted to sign her child up for violin lessons. However, our violin teachers advised her against it as they felt that the toddler was too young. Hence she and her child came to watch every violin lesson without attending the class.

It was only until a month later which we received a distressed call from the mother. Her toddler had climbed up a shelf to try to reach a violin she had hidden. We invited the young child to join our children violin lessons immediately. It turned out that the toddler was gifted in the violin and picked up the violin quickly. Soon, he was the best student in his class.

We have had young students whom are naturally gifted and interested in the violin. In these exceptional cases, we highly recommend students to use their talent. Hence if you are noticing any musical signs from your child, fill up the contact form on the right.

What are notes for parents who want their toddlers ot play the violin?

Parents play an important role in a toddler’s musical education.While children start to learn a new skill, parents should help their child as well.

  • Do not pressurise your child to play violin songs and shout when they do not know how to. Children takes time to learn, especially if they are new to the music instrument.
  • Do not rush your child into taking violin exams and learning scales and examination pieces. Starting out, children should play for leisure and getting to understand the music instrument. Forcing them into taking exams will have them take learning music as a chore.
  • If your child does not like to play the violin, don’t give up! Keep your child motivated by encouraging him and letting him listen to music. Let him play games to help him practise and reward him for practising the violin.
  • Never compete with other parents or children. Do not compare your child with others as everyone has their own learning pace. Starting out, toddlers want to experiment and try out the music instrument, and not feel pressured by parents.
  • If your child cries during the violin lesson, do not bring your child away but motivate him instead. He might be adjusting to holding a violin or his new surroundings.
  • Never shout or scold your child for not listening to the violin teacher. Let him adjust and learn to listen to the violin teacher.
How to help toddlers prepare for learning the violin?

Before turning the age of four, there are several things you could do to help your child prepare to take violin lessons. Listed below are some recommended things you should do for your toddler:

  • Frequently listen to music.

Have music playing around your toddler- in the car, when he is playing, and sleeping

  • Attend violin lessons frequently.

To observe and listen to the teacher teaching and students’ playing.

  • Buy your toddler a small violin.

Let your child get used to playing a violin.

  • Have a violin teacher or play the violin yourself.

Show your child how the violin is played.

  •  Let your child mix with children whom loves music.

Let children share their love and passion of music!

The list is exhaustive but listed above are a few important things to do for your toddler.

Being one of the few violin schools that provide violin lessons for toddlers, we have seen many young children learn and play the violin wonderfully despite their age. If your young child is showing signs of love from the violin, contact us by filling up the contact form on the right to sign up for our toddler violin lessons.