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Beginner Violin Lessons

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Why is it important for children to learn a skill?

Every parent wants to give their child the best music education. Owning an item is temporary. Learning a new skill is lifetime. The violin is the most popular music instrument for children to learn. Not only is it fun, but easy to learn and play the violin. Many think that learning to play the violin is hard. However, this thinking have been corrected after Arian Romoff showed the world his special talent. This 9 year old boy has astounded the judges and the world with his musical talent (watch the video below).

Why should your child learn the violin?
  • Express his Feelings

When playing the violin, your child can express his feelings with the song. Learning the violin is perfect as a preschool enrichment classEarly years music education has shown to help children with creativity. Your child will learn to show love for everything he does.

  •  Build a Strong Foundation in Mathematics

Did you know that 60% of children whom learn music is naturally good in mathematics? The notes and beats helps to build a good foundation and grasp of mathematics.

  •  Learn Teamwork

When playing a duet, there must be communication and coordination between the two violist to play a song.

  •  Gain Confidence

When going up on stage or performing at a concert, your child will naturally gain confidence and not underestimate himself.

  •  Learn to Persevere

It is not easy a new skill. However, with determination and proper guidance from the violin teacher, your child will be able to learn the violin in no time.

  •  Balance your Time

With music and studies, your child will naturally learn to balance his time. This is an important life skill useful for his future.

  •  Give your Child more Options in Life

After achieving his diploma, your child could either continue playing the violin for leisure, or make his hobby into his career. Your child could become a violist or a violin teacher, playing the violin professionally.

  • Be an All-Rounder Child

Have a good education and learn to balance your time to learn new things. Music, studies and sports.

What kind of commitment do you need from parents?

When your child takes violin lessons, you must be committed to learn with him as well.

  • Be at every violin lesson with your child. Train you and your child’s discipline.
  • Play games with your child to encourage him to practise the violin at home.
  • Keep reminding your child to never give up and that learning the violin will be easier with more practise.
  • Reward your child occasionally for practising the violin.
Should my child learn the violin for leisure or exams?

Parents wish for their child to achieve his diploma at a young age. For children below the age of 6, we advice parents to let them learn for fun and build up their foundation. On the other hand, students above the age of 6 are suitable to start preparing for examinations. However, they must first have acquired a strong music foundation.

At Violin Lessons Singapore, we aim for students to enjoy learning the violin instead of learning for the sake of passing exams. Blindly memorizing exam songs will cause the student to be unable to sight read violin pieces. We cannot stress the importance of having fun during your violin lessons!

Want to learn the violin with your child?

Learning as a family is a good time for bonding and family time. To learn violin with your child, please join our private violin lessons.

At a young age, it is good for children to communicate with each other and make new friends. If you would like your child to learn together with others his age and make new friends, join our violin group lessons.

At what age should my child learn the violin?

 We encourage our students to start learning violin from young. We accept toddlers above 3 years old without any musical background.

Before signing your child up for our violin lessons, you should hear what our students has to say. Watch the video below to watch a testimonial given by one of our students. Click on the link to read more testimonials by our students.

Want to register your child for our children violin lessons?

Want to Register your Child for our Children Violin lessons? To expose your child to the violin, fill up the contact form on the right. Please inform us your child’s age and grade he is learning at.