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Adult Violin Lessons

You are never too old to start learning the violin. Adults actually learn faster than children as they understand the value of time and money! Click on the link to read more about our Singapore adult violin lessons.

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Private Violin Lessons

Do you wish to learn the violin but find transportation an inconvenience? If so, take our private violin lessons Singapore without taking a step out of your home.

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How long does it take to learn the violin?

Great question! It takes anywhere between 3 months to 9 months to learn the violin. This depends on your prior music experience, number of lessons per week and time spent practicing. A student who spends 3 times a week practicing should be able to start playing the violin within 3 months.

What is an ABRSM certified teacher?

ABRSM is a music certification in Singapore. ABRSM certified teachers are those trained past Grade 8 in ABRSM, and those who teach ABRSM students.

At WC Violin, all our violin teachers are ABRSM certified. Our teachers are trained to help beginners and experienced violinists to learn to sight read and play any song that’d like.

Why select WC Violin?

To give you a peace of mind that you and your child are being taught accurately, we will only let the best violin teachers in Singapore to teach you and your child. Hence this is why we have a few requirements for our good violin teachers:

  1. Be positive and love to teach and play the violin- share your joy of making music with students.
  2. Have been certified with the ABRSM diploma- this differentiates us from other violin schools where violin teacher Singapore are not certified with the ABRSM diploma.
  3. Have had testimonials from happy existing students- we strongly believe in student satisfaction.
  4. Be patient and able to explain things easily- to help children learn quickly and effectively.
  5. Interested in our violin lessons Singapore? Click the button below to sign up for our violin classes.

Learning how to play a violin takes time. It can be very demotivating and grueling if you try to learn on your own. Learning the violin without in-person Singapore violin lessons is a huge challenge and may be demotivating for new students.

With these four reasons, you now know why hiring a good violin teacher is an excellent and beneficial solution. You are assured that during your weekly Singapore violin lessons, you will not learn how to play the violin but you will also be excellent at it.

WC Violins has been voted as one of the best violin schools in Singapore by FinestInCity. If you are looking for a violin teacher, you do not need to look far. Here at WC Violin, we can pair you up with a ABRSM diploma certified violin teacher. Contact us for more information!

What is the importance of finding a good violin teacher?

Learning how to play the violin is a good and challenging skill to learn. That is why many violin players go online to watch tutorial videos on playing the violin. However, if you are serious in wanting to be excellent in playing the violin, learning on your own might not give the best results you are aiming for. That is why it is good to look for good violin teachers. Having violin lessons every week and making practice a habit is an important part of become a great violinist.

Amazing violin lessons can give you more than what a free video tutorial can. In this article, we will break down the importance of finding a good violin teacher to help you. At WC Violin, we pride ourselves on having the best ABRSM passionate violin teachers. We’ll discuss the five reasons why in-person violin lessons in Singapore are better than do-it-yourself learning.

Reason #1 – Get Taught By An Experienced Private Violin Teacher

An experienced violin teacher is very knowledgeable in all things related to violin. They are familiar with several complex music theories. They have aural skills that they can also impart to their students during violin lessons in Singapore. They also know how to jive harmonies and pitch to create an excellent flow of sound.

They know how to apply rhythm and syncopation while playing the violin. Furthermore, they also know even the most complicated bowing and plucking techniques. All of these expertises will be taught to you if you decide to pick the violin teacher Singapore option.

A good private violin teacher can create a lesson plan that is customized for you. This is so you can learn on your own level and pace. Tutorial videos or other DIY learning methods are very general and may not specifically cater to your needs. Thus, if you really want to be skillful in playing the violin, in-person violin lessons Singapore would be your best choice.

Reason #2 – Get Better Violin Learning Experience

If you will get a knowledgeable private violin teacher to teach you, it is expected that you will gain a better learning experience. A good violin teacher will aim to cover the necessary skills that their students need to become a great violinist.

Aside from learning at your level and pace, they will also teach you the correct fingering and dexterity that you must possess during your violin lessons Singapore. They can even demonstrate it to you while giving hands-on guidance. Thus, the aspiring violinist will learn the skills effectively. 

Furthermore, getting a violin teacher Singapore learning experience meant that you can learn more aside from the violin lesson plan. During your Singapore violin lessons, you can ask your violin instructor to teach you how to play your favorite violin songs. You can also ask to repeat some plucking techniques that you feel that needs a little more work. As a result, you can be assured that you will not only be great at playing the violin, but also have fun during your lessons.

Reason #3 – Get Motivated To Keep Violin Practicing

Learning the violin can get a bit tiring as time goes by, especially if you are learning more complex techniques. Learning to play the violin on your own can easily lead you to get bored of it. Furthermore, it can make you drop the learning process. That is because you are on your own and no one is motivating you. This is not the case if you choose to take in-person violin lessons in Singapore.

A good private violin teacher will serve as an overseer as you learn how to play the violin. After your violin lessons, they will keep encouraging you to practice by giving you a few violin practice homework to do. If you feel demotivated, they can switch things up to make the Singapore violin lessons more enjoyable and grueling. As a result, you will become more motivated to continue violin playing.

Reason #4 – Get Better Learning Support During Your Singapore Violin Lessons

A good violin teacher will give you better learning support apart from motivation. During your weekly violin lessons, they can correct the mistakes you make while continuing to inspire you to keep practicing the violin. They will also give you instant feedback to help you get an understanding of your current pace. Thus, you will know if you need to push harder in learning to play the violin.

Most private violin teachers offer one-on-one private violin lessons. This is so they can concentrate their resources in developing the violin skills of one student. There are times that the violin teacher offers duo sessions where they teach two students during a single violin lesson Singapore session. This violin class setup is ideal for those students who get motivated through being competitive. Thus, violin students get the learning support that they need.

Where can I learn the violin in Singapore?

You can learn the violin with our Singapore violin school in the center of Singapore! Aside from our in-school group lessons, our violin teachers also host 1-to-1 private violin lessons in your home.

How much does a violin cost in Singapore?

A violin can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 in Singapore. As one of the top violin schools in Singapore, we have many partnerships with violin shops islandwide. As our students, you will get discounts of up to 30% off at popular violin shops including Yamaha.

Can I learn to play the violin myself?

Of course! You can learn to play the violin yourself. Especially with the huge number of Youtube videos online, anyone can start practicing and learning to play the violin themselves. With the Coronavirus epidemic, many of our violin teachers have started holding their previously in-person group violin lessons online.