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Playing the violin is enjoyable. However, shopping for quality violin equipment could burn a hole in your pocket. There are many things one would need to buy to play the violin- cases, rosins, bows, music stand, chin rest, soft carpet and even the violin itself! Hence having a place that you know sells good quality, yet affordable violin equipment would be ideal. Why? Because some violin shops in Singapore simply have products over-priced on the shelf.

For example, this author purchased a violin bow at a shop for more than $100. He was shocked when he found out that violin bows were going much cheaper on Amazon. See for yourself by clicking the link below. Even including the shipping fees, the violin bow would still be a good deal.

Moreover, Amazon has recently announced that there would be free shipping to Singapore, for purchases above US$25. Hence this is the perfect time for you to go hunting for discounted violin equipment on Amazon.

Why buy good quality violin equipment?

  • Good quality violins are long-lasting and can last you for a few years.
  • You will want to be able to play your best during a music performance on stage.
  • A good quality violin will help you play and practice well. However, our violin teachers suggest to those taking beginner violin lessons to rent or buy a cheap violin.
  • To treat and look after your violin well. A violin case will protect your violin if you happen to drop it.

A Rosin With A Violin

A Rosin With A Violin

Getting a good deal on Amazon

On Amazon, there are many violin equipment on sale, from all around the world. When shopping, it is crucial to get the best deals.

Is everything cheaper on Amazon?

This is not always true. There may be some products at violin shops cheaper that those on Amazon. However, they may be at an inconvenient place. Although some products on Amazon cannot be shipped to Singapore, services such as vPost could ship them from the USA to Singapore.

Shopping on Amazon process video

Why we recommend Amazon

There are several reasons why we recommend Amazon as the best place to buy good quality violin equipment from.

  • They are the largest eCommerce store in the world. You can literally find anything from A to Z on Amazon.
  • They are a reputable online store; hence you are able to shop knowing that your credentials are safe.
  • There are reviews for every product; hence you are able to gauge the quality of the product.
  • Products on Amazon are able to ship all over the world- in this case Singapore.
  • There are images and descriptions to give you an idea of the product you purchase.
  • You can shop for violin equipment without having to leave the comfort of your home.

In addition, we are paid with a small commission for each item purchased. Hence we find that this is a win-win situation- you getting good quality discounted violin equipment and us getting paid when you shop. 

Tell us about your experience shopping on Amazon

After you have tried buying violin equipment on Amazon, do give us your feedback and comments. Tell us about your online shopping experience. Was the shopping process smooth? How was the communication with the seller? Did you save on violin equipment from shopping online? We are sure other students would love to hear from you. Please tell us your shopping experience in the comments below.

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