7-year-old plays violin for peace



According to theroot.com, 7-year-old Leah Flynn saw the protest about a case about a police officer whom shot 18-year-old Michael Brown. From Sanfrod, a city in Florida, Leah takes children violin lessons daily with her father, and wants to play the song “Let there be peace”. She finds that all the fighting and violence is frightening, and wishes for people to find happiness.

Although the unrest is expected soon, this little girl wants to go to Ferguson to play her violin song for the community. This is because Leah believes that she can change the atmosphere in Ferguson and stop all the fighting with her violin.

A similar case – an inspirational girl stands up to stop global warming

A 13-year-old girl, Severn Suzuki, spoke in a conference with government and head of states. She raised money to travel all the way to the Rio Submit, to tell everyone to stop global warming. Although she is just 12-years-old, she is fighting for her future. ECO, is an organisation of 12 to 13-years-old whom wants to make a difference.

In her speech, Severn said that she is now afraid to go out in the sun, because of the holes in our ozone layer. She is afraid to breathe the air, because of the many chemicals around us. Severn used to go fishing with her father, until they found cancer in the fish.

In school, Severn hears of plants and animals going extinct. She hates it when people buy and throw and stuff yet unwilling to share with the needy although they have more than enough. Hence there are children starving on the streets.

Despite her age, Severn is able to think for her future and wants to stop global warming before it becomes to severe. We at Violin Lessons Singapore find such stories inspirational. Leah wanting to stop the violence and fighting with calm music, and Severn wanting to stop global warming and children starving on the streets.

Watch the video below and see why Severn silenced the world for five minutes.