Music Beats Fashion



Mayleene Klass is a 27-year-old beautiful musician, born in West Kilbride. According to, Mayleene has turned down all commercial offers. Mayleene said that earning lots of money and being famous is nothing compared to the experience of playing music.

Recently, Mayleene started a project- a screening of a performance with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Pacific Quay studios, involving 600 children. At the event, Mayleene shared her musical journey- from the start of her first music lesson with Yehudi Menuhin, all the way to performing in the greatest concerts. According to Mayleene, starting to learn music at the age of fifteen, is harder compared to learning at five or six. Thus children should be exposed to music at a young age, instead after they have matured.

Learning the violin at the right age

Parents often want to give their child early exposure to music for various reasons- make him brighter and creative. However, many parents force their child into starting to learn music at an ambitiously young age. This would only cause your child to dislike music. Hence this post is to give parents a guideline of the proper learning age.

From experience, our violin teachers advise children to only start learning the violin from the age of three. Unless your child really has the love for the violin, he should not start any violin lessons. According to, a little 2-year-old girl was naturally in love with the violin. When she was prevented from taking toddler violin lessons, she went to the extent of climbing a bookshelf to reach a violin. Such natural love for the violin is rare, and hence should be nurtured properly.

Despite this, it is not advisable for children to start learning the violin at the age of fifteen, without any musical experience beforehand. At an older age, children would have more responsibilities compared to a young child. This would give the child less time to practise, and against learning the violin due to the many projects he may have.

Learning the violin should be enjoyable and fun. Your child should enjoy violin lessons and love practising the violin. To join our children violin lessons, please fill up the contact form on the right or visit our contact page.