Violin-playing patient, 93-years-old, livens up Ward



Alan Cairney is a 93-year-old patient from Gartmore. Despite his age, Alan is a talented musician. According to, he has become well-known in the hospital, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, where he and his violin livens up his ward.

Alan is a classically trained violist whom started taking children violin lessons when he was nine or ten.

According to Alan, he has always loved playing the violin. The only time playing his violin was a dread was when his mother told him to practise when he was young. This was due to the cold weather, especially when there wasn’t a fire in the room. This caused his hands to be cold and difficult to play the violin.

Now, cold does not stop Alan from playing the violin. When he was prompted to bring his violin to the hospital to play, Alan became the first violist in the hospital. Alan brightens up the hospital, and his music is popular with patients and staff.

Music cures mental illnesses

Mental health is affected by stress and lack of rest. Lots of people tend to overwork without any rest, thinking that nothing would happen to them. However, their mental health deteriorates and they fall ill.

Doctors have been searching for a cure to mental illnesses, and have finally found it. It is shown that music helps people to relax. It is also noted that classical music works the best in helping people to rest and relax. Lack of rest could cause mood swings, high stress levels and poor memory. Hence it is important for one to rest after a tiring day to avoid deterioration in health.

Man overworked himself to suicide – heartbreaking story

A 24-year-old man has taken his life, due to overworking in a Japanese restaurant. According to, the man worked in a Japanese restaurant. Over the time of 3 years, he suffered verbal abuse from his supervisor and often worked overtime. In fact, this poor man suffered so badly from prolonged work and constant harassment that he finally broke and committed suicide.

Although the Japanese restaurant would have to pay $500,000 (58 million yen), this author is pained to hear about this heartbreaking case. Imagine working in a place for 3 years, where you have stress from both working overtime and from your supervisor. This was what this poor man experienced everyday.

We should always treat our employees with respect and care. When we are stressed from overworking, we should always manage our mental health. Music is the best way to do so.