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What is the difference between private and group lessons?

Violin is a good instrument that anyone can learn how to play. In addition, violins are affordable and portable. You can bring your violin during group violin lessons. It may be hard to learn but once you master the violin, you can play other string instruments. For that reason, you must learn how to play the violin through violin classes.

There are two types of violin classes. There are private violin lessons and there is the group one. You may be wondering which of the two is more beneficial to take. That is why in this article, we will cover the differences between private and group violin lessons by listing down the benefits of each type of violin.

What are the pros of private lessons?

1) Meet your personal violin goals

The biggest advantage that a private violin session has over group violin lessons is being able to receive the teacher’s full attention. The violin teacher will only focus on you for the entire lesson. Furthermore, all violin lessons are planned based on your specific needs, goals, and learning style. As a result, you can progress swiftly and easily.

Group violin sessions can’t offer individualized instruction. That is because more than one person is taking the violin class. Unlike private violin lessons, group classes already have a predetermined violin lesson plan. This lesson plan must be balanced among the needs of many students. Thus, there are chances that the violin lessons may not be exactly what you need to meet your personal goals.

2) Better violin student growth

Each violin student learns and functions differently from one another. For that reason, group violin lessons teachers tend to find a balance among the needs of each student. They formulate violin lesson plans that will cater to the needs of the class as a whole. As a result, the individual growth of each violin student is not a priority.

For example, if one student is struggling with certain violin techniques while the rest of the class finds it easy, the teacher will tend to go on with the class. As a result, the one student that is struggling will be left behind and not make any progress. However, in private violin lessons, the individual growth of each violin student is taken into consideration.

3) No audience

Violin is quite difficult to learn if the student is a beginner. Thus, during this stage, a violin student will not want to play some music in front of others. Group violin lessons can be intimidating for some students, especially if they are the ones that are struggling. They might get embarrassed and become demotivated in learning to play the violin. 

However, that is not the case when taking private violin lessons. In this setup, violin students will have the chance to work on their violin skills comfortably. They won’t feel too much pressure when other violin students excel. Once they have mastered the basics of violin playing they will be ready to play in front of others.

What are the pros of group violin lessons?

One thing that private violin lessons cannot provide is the social experience. Every individual including violin students wants to gain a sense of belonging. They want to be in a group who are also violinists like them. During group sessions, these fellow violin players can motivate them in class. Group violin lessons can be socially rewarding. That is because each student will have a fun experience meeting new people and trying new violin techniques.

How do I prepare for a group performance?

Private violin lessons can prepare the student to play the violin as a soloist. However, what they cannot teach is how to play the violin along with others. There are students that may be interested in advancing their violin skills by playing in a band or learning to improvise songs. Private violin sessions can accomplish this to a certain extent.

However, group violin lessons can teach the student skills in playing with other violinists or other instrument players. Furthermore, group sessions can teach performance skills more extensively than private sessions.

Private or group lessons?

In choosing between taking private violin lessons or a group one will depend on your needs as a violin player. As for violin session costs, it is not an issue as long as you can achieve your end goals. Private violin lessons are preferable if your goal is to concentrate on your violin skills extensively. On the other hand, group violin lessons are better if you want social experiences and learning to play the violin to play in an ensemble.

Why learn from our violin teachers?

There are many qualified violin teachers in Singapore. Why learn from our violin teachers?

  • All our violin teachers are ABRSM diploma certified. It is important to find a violin teacher whom understands the exam syllabus to help students to pass their violin exams.
  • Our violin teachers are affordable, friendly and able to communicate well with children. Some violin teachers are strict and fierce, hence causing children to be scared and dislike playing the violin.
  • Our violin teachers have a number of testimonials from happy students. This is proof of being able to teach students well. Alternatively, you could come down to one of our weekly group violin lessons and speak to our students after class! Everyone looks forward to come down to our studio and always have an amazing group violin class.
  • Our violin teachers do not teach students to memorise and keep on practising exam pieces for the sake of passing. Instead, students learn to read notes and are also encouraged to play violin songs outside the exam syllabus.
Want to learn the violin together with your friends and family?

Do you want to learn the violin together with your friends or family? Join our group violin lessons with your sibling or best friend. Drop us a message and leave a request to have group violin lessons together. We will contact you and have you and your friend or family member be in the same group violin class.

Want to register for our group violin lessons?

Learning the violin doesn’t have to be all about discipline. Violin lessons can be fun. You can make new friends at your weekly group violin lessons and learn songs from your favourite movies and shows. Are you interested in learning the violin in a group? To sign up for our group violin lessons, fill up the contact form visit our contact page.