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The music industry is very alive in Singapore. There are a lot of individuals who try and get into learning new instruments. There are violin, guitar, piano, and drum lessons available almost everywhere. Music lessons have been made available and accessible by many music studios that is why individuals have been very interested. This interest in music lessons is partnered with the demand for musical equipment. One of the important parts of learning a new instrument is to find an instrument that is the best fit for you. One that is comfortable, fit to your skill level, and is affordable. Since there are many music studios in Singapore, there are also music equipment shops. Some music studios are the music equipment shops themselves. It is like a one-stop-shop for your musical needs. To find the best instrument for you, here are the top music equipment shops in Singapore. 


Echoinox was founded in 2017 and has grown aggressively from a “preorders only” side hustle to one of Singapore’s leading guitar effects & accessories e-commerce.

With over 20 international brands in our catalog paired with our unparalleled customer service, Echoinox has served musicians all over the world, from bedroom musicians to professional musicians and artists such as Valiantes, the colorfractal, M1ldl1fe, Kenn C, and others. Some critically acclaimed brands we represent include Two Notes Audio Engineering, Revv Amplifications, Supro, Ceriatone and many more.

In 2020, we established a new brand, Solace Cables, that specializes in building reliable hand-wired instrument cables that musicians can rely on. In the first week of its launch, we sold over 100 units plus a huge backorder. As every cable was hand-wired, production could not meet the market’s demand until we streamlined the process later.

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Swee Lee

This is one of the music equipment shops that has been around for a long time. They also offer various lessons on musical instruments like guitar, ukulele, and drums. They are known to be one of the biggest music equipment shops in Asia. They have a variety of choices from different well-known music brands. They have accessories for musical instruments, amplifiers, equipment for DJs, and pianos. They also offer pieces of vinyl, microphones, and recording services. They carry brands like Boss, Epiphone, Marshall, and Gibson.

They also have online shops to ensure customer convenience. Aside from this, they also offer maintenance and repair services for musicians. Their services include online transactions and they also offer delivery services to customers.

Luther Music

This music equipment shop has been around since 1996 and has been one of the most trusted ships for everything music-related. They offer keyboards, guitars, drums, microphones, and recording services. Their brands include only the highest quality but affordable brands. They carry brands like Adam Audio, Casio, Bose, Genelec, Gibson, and many others. They promise to offer the highest quality equipment at the lowest prices to ensure that every musician gets to enjoy their craft. You can shop for acoustic and electric guitars, compact and standard digital pianos, and also different kinds of drums.

Music Shop SG

This music equipment shop is an online-based shop that aims to provide for your musical needs. They have instruments, equipment, and many others. It is a professional audio store in Singapore that provides high-quality equipment at very affordable prices to its clients. They also provide sound system rental, commercial sound systems, and installation and design services.

They sell commercial sound systems accessories, keyboards and synthesizers, live sound accessories, DJ equipment, headphones, and even printers. This is one of the biggest one-stop online shops that are available in Singapore. It is perfect for those who cannot physically go to stores as they are specifically designed to be visited online.

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There are many instruments available in these shops depending on your liking. If you are interested in violin lessons, contact Violin Lesson Singapore today.

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