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Many music schools offer lessons on many musical instruments. These instruments have been made more accessible and affordable. The most common ones used to be piano, drums, and guitar. However, with the emergence of these music schools, instruments like violin, ukulele, and cello are now within everyone’s reach. With the emergence of these music schools, it is harder to find the best fit for you and your needs. For example, if you want to learn how to play the cello, many cello schools offer identical services. For a beginner, it is harder to decide which of these cello schools are the best ones for you. Therefore, let us talk about the top cello schools in Singapore to help you decide.

Melody Strings

This cello school offers lessons for children ages 5 to 16 to help them nurture their talent and interest in cello. Aside from musical talent, they believe that five essentials must be cultivated when learning the cello. The first is observation. They believe that children need to be able to process many complex skills to learn a stringed instrument.

Being observant is also honed when learning the cello. The lessons in cello schools also help them to think critically. They would be able to process the instructions and comments given by the cello instructor. This will then help nurture their skills to think and decide on their own.

Another important thing learned in cello lessons is self-confidence. Investing in hard work and being recognized for this can help a child be more confident about their skills and talents. This will eventually help build their self-esteem. The other two are creativity and cooperative playing. These are only a few reasons why Melody Strings is one of the best cello schools in Singapore.

Tanglewood Music School

This cellos school was established back in January 2000. They offer a unique teaching method that is constructed and designed by cello experts. They offer a teaching curriculum that enables children to perform locally and internationally. Their musical lessons are taught one-on-one to ensure that students can learn without any distractions and ensure progress. Performances are also held regularly to keep track of their student’s progress and improvements. They take pride in achieving a 100% passing rate in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams yearly.

LVL Music Academy

This cello school is founded by professionally trained musicians. They aim to provide high-quality music lessons to students regardless of their age. They cater to students as young as toddlers up to adults. They offer violin, viola, piano, keyboard, flute, cello, and many other instruments. When it comes to cello lessons, they offer one-on-one sessions to ensure faster progress. They ensure learning the basics, training the students’ ears, and right and left-hand coordination when playing, These are only a few of the things that this cello school offers.

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LVL Music Academy
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