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The piano is one of the easiest to learn and it has been around for a long period. Thus, people have grown to love this instrument. However, the piano itself is expensive. It requires a significant amount of money to be able to afford one. That is why taking care of the piano is necessary. In cases when damages happen, there are also various piano repair shops available. These piano repair shops exist to cater to the needs of every pianist. Finding a reliable piano repair shop is tricky. That is why in this article we will talk about the best piano repair shops in Singapore. 

Asia Piano

This piano repair shop in Singapore is a small business run by only two people. The owners are Mr. Leonard Soh and Chee Wai. They offer many services that can help you with your piano-related needs. Their services include piano repair and restoration, piano maintenance, and tuning, and they also buy old and used pianos.

They also aim to educate their customers when it comes to basic piano knowledge. For example, they aim to teach their customers things like how to select a good piano, how a piano works, what to look for in an old piano, servicing, and how not to get ripped off by other piano servicing shops.

They intend to keep their shop small as they believe that this can help them concentrate more on their craft. They believe that they, as a team, must help their customers pick the best piano that is within their customer’s budget. 

Dr. Key Piano Clinic

This piano repair shop was established in 2008. Although they are a small team of experts, they aim to help provide piano services to everyone. Their services include maintenance, piano valuation, moving, tuning, repair and restoration, polishing and cleaning, and piano consultation. They aim to provide high-quality second-hand or brand-new pianos to their customers at a very affordable price.

Pristine Piano

This piano repair shop was established back in 2009. They are known to specialize in grand pianos. They believe that like artworks, great pianos are classic and should be preserved. They believe that no great preservation only comes from a skilled technician. Even if a high-quality brand is to be restored by someone who is not skilled, results won’t be desirable. They hand-pick pianos from the United States and Europe to ensure high-quality pianos.

The technicians have more than 40 years of experience in piano restoration and servicing. They have tended to clients from England, Australia, and Thailand. That is why they are confident that they would be able to deliver high-quality work even those that cannot be done by other technicians.

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Many piano repair shops in Singapore offer the services you need. When it comes to violin repairs, we have it covered. Visit us today in Violin Lessons Singapore for your violin needs.

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Asia Piano
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Dr. Key Piano Clinic
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Pristine Piano
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