Best guitar repair shops in Singapore



People always find ways to spend their time on something worthwhile. It can be an outdoor hobby or something that is to learn new skills or new talent. Nowadays, popular things to venture into include music. This is because music has been made accessible to everyone.

Guitar Workshop Singapore

Guitar Workshop was established in the 80s and is widely referred to as the primary ‘down-to-earth’ music store, which has consistently served the local and regional music community at a private level.

Guitar Workshop always seeks precision in its craftsmanship and excellence in its services. Mr. Francis Poh’s humble beginnings together with his passion and dedication have gone serving not just musicians but luthiers and other distinguished craftsmen on his own.

Guitar Workshop today believes that every musician deserves a top-quality instrument, and seeks to try to do so by offering quality, customizable, and fully interactive experiences for every individual. Each and each instrument is carefully sourced and chosen by Mr. Francis Poh himself. These instruments were professionally set up through Guitar Workshop’s proprietary set-up process. Beyond these, we provide personal consultations freely, where instrument diagnosis and even custom jobs are often catered to.

Guitaring Passionately

Honest work above perfect work. Our motto drives Guitaring Passionately to provide targeted and relevant guitar services in the aspects of repair, maintenance, & enhancements to my clients.

Guitar enthusiasts can get their guitars set up for better playability, saddle or nut replaced, installation of pickup systems, resolve buzzing issues, re-glue dislodged bridges, neck angle reset, etc.

For those who are keen to learn some handy guitar maintenance skills, do check out Guitaring Passionately’s 4-hour Courses.

Drop by GP Workshop to get the best-fitted services for your guitars.

The Guitar Doctor (TGD) Singapore

The Guitar Doctor (TGD) Singapore has been known for its matchless expertise, skills, and attentive repair practices on acoustic guitars & ukuleles.
Via the experience in guitar & ukulele production of Maestro Guitars Pte Ltd, we have vast levels of knowledge of know-how in acoustic guitar repair & servicing.
As we are the pioneer of using this state-of-the-art PLEK machine (from Germany) in Singapore complemented with our fully equipped workshop; we are confident & always ready to solve your guitar & ukulele issue.”
From simple restringing to PLEK setup to instrument restoration, TGD does it all.

Luthier Singapore

This guitar repair shop is managed by Wayne Lim, a 28-year-old master Luthier. It has been passed on from generation to generation of their family. Their works have been featured in The Strait Times.

They are known for their many guitar-related services. This includes acoustic pickup installation, assembly of the guitar, brace repair and replacement, refinishing, and guitar setup. Aside from this, this guitar repair shop provides guitar lessons.

#5. TY Music Center

This guitar repair ship also caters to drums. They offer cleaning, installments, restring, and replacement of parts. They also offer rental services for those who cannot afford a brand-new one yet. They have services as low as $100.


In Violin Lesson Singapore, we also offer guidance to other stringed instruments as they need perfect care. Every instrument we want to play should be given well-deserved care.

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Guitar Workshop Singapore
+65 6733 4106

Guitaring Passionately
+65 9873 5980

The Guitar Doctor (TGD) Singapore
+65 6844 6030

Luthier Singapore
+65 9744 0318

TY Music Centre
+65 6883 1550