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Should I take private violin lessons?

If the rain or lack of transport inconveniences you, then private lessons are just for you. With our violin lessons, you will not have to take a step out of your own home. Our great violin teachers will brave through the bad weather to provide you with an experience learning the violin. With the private violin teacher traveling, learning from the comfort of your own home is possible.

Having individual violin lessons is good for some, especially if they want to master the violin. For many, group violin lessons are simply too distractive as a learning environment. To help our students with their musical education, we provide 1 to 1 violin lessons. With just you and the teacher, there will be no distractions and the teacher will be able to focus all her attention on you.

What are 3 questions to ask a private violin teacher?

When you are looking to find a private violin teacher, it is important to do your research first. You will want to find a private violin teacher Singapore that will inspire and nurture the musical growth of the student. It should be their focus to instill a lifelong love for music. It should not have to be forced, draining or tiring when going for private violin lessons in Singapore. There should be a sign of passion and commitment among the students.

In this case, choosing the suitable private violin teacher or violin school is important. When seeking for a private violin teacher there are several factors you should consider. Consulting with friends, family or those that are acquainted with music teachers in the community is a plus. Find a way to watch their current students perform, such as going to one of their prospective students’ recitals. Arranging to interview the prospective teacher is recommended before making any commitments. You should always have a trial private violin lesson to get an idea of the violin teacher’s teaching style.

In this case, what would you ask in the interview? In this article, we will discuss 3 questions that you can ask a private violin teacher in Singapore.

1. What is your professional and educational experience in music?

Well, this may be an obvious question. However, it is always good to know their background and qualifications. A private violin teacher should be academically qualified to teach others. They should have gone through both theory and practical examinations.

For teachers such as a private violin teacher must have obtained at least a Grade 8 in their practical in order to officially start private violin lessons with students. Grade 8 teachers are more professional in the sense that they have expert knowledge in playing the instrument. Therefore, private violin lessons in Singapore that have grade 8 teachers are more likely to be more experienced in playing music. Grade 8 students also often come with a higher fee. Working with a grade 8 student will show that you are serious in obtaining a certificate. However, if you are looking to play the instrument for leisure purposes, you can request for teachers that are Grade 8 and below. At least of a Grade 6 standard in order to learn the basic fundamentals of violin.

A qualified violin teacher Singapore is central for the student’s progress. There are only a few times of the week that you will be meeting with the violin teacher and there should not be any distractions. A private violin teacher may have more education experience in the music industry with students of all ages. However, group violin lessons may have more lessons and would have taught more individuals. Finding out about the professional and educational experience in music of the teacher will help you determine what are more suited to your needs. Either a more serious commitment, or for more leisure purposes.

2. Do they focus on discipline?

Discipline is an important factor when learning the violin. Therefore if you are looking to go for private violin lessons as a serious commitment, it is important  to know whether the violin teacher focuses on discipline just as much as teaching. This has nothing to do with behaving well in class and etc. This is about having discipline to apply what the private violin teacher for example has taught you. When you ask about discipline, ask the teacher whether they believe in discipline and how they could teach it to their students. This means getting the students motivated enough to practice the instrument themselves at home every day. When they are not just at the violin school. 

It is not easy to maintain discipline. However, a good private violin teacher Singapore expert will stress on the importance of discipline. They will make sure to follow a practice schedule so that the students can keep up with practice. An experienced violin teacher will also demonstrate to students how to practice and make sure that they are doing it in the correct fashion. That is why, just as much as it is important for students to have discipline, it is also important to know whether the teacher will convey it. 

3. Would you focus on progress or time? 

Whether you hire a private violin teacher or opt for private violin lessons with a school, regular instruction from a qualified private violin teacher over a period of time will guarantee the students to develop skills. 

A commonly asked question is “how long does it take to learn the violin perfectly?” This all depends on the violin teacher’s initiative and experience to teach, as well as the dedication and time of the students. It will take two hands to clap. Therefore there is no accurate answer to this question, and it will be dependent on contribution factors such as music training, other instruments, productive past time, prior experience etc. All in all, a good violin teacher would say that it is about progress and not the time it takes. This is what music is all about. It takes patience and heart.

What are the benefits of taking one on one leassons?
  • Learning at the comfort of your own home.

Learn where you are safest and most comfortable at- your own home. Have no obstacles preventing you from attending violin lessons and learn violin regardless of the weather- rain or shine.

  •  No distractions

Without others, you can learn without the constant chatter from students. With all the noise, it is easy to mishear the teacher or learn the wrong thing.

  •  Supervising your Child

To keep your child safe, have your child learn where you can monitor him- at home. Your child is safest and most familiar at his own home, where he can learn at ease.

  •  Learn at your Own Pace

When learning in a group, the teacher can only move on when all is ready. When having an individual violin lesson, you can learn at your own speed- fast or slow.

  •  Having the All Focus on You

Without a noisy and big class, the teacher can spend less time disciplining and more time teaching. With only having 1 student, all her attention can be focused on 1 person- you.

Why take private violin lessons with us?

There are a lot of violin teachers in Singapore providing private violin lessons. Out of all of them, why learn the violin with our private violin teachers? Being in the violin lessons for several years, we know many good violin teachers and how to select them.

The violin teacher has to have many positive testimonials from his existing students. This tells us that his students enjoy and find their violin lessons beneficial to them. The comments from students about violin teachers will tell us a lot about the violin teacher during the lesson and his character.

In addition, the violin teacher has to be ABRSM diploma certified and familiar with the latest violin exam syllabus. This is important as it shows that the violin teacher understands how the examiner thinks, and is able to help the student to pass the exam.

The violin teacher has to have a flexible timing schedule and is punctual for his classes. Many at a time, private violin teachers are often rushing and late for their lessons. This reflects badly on teachers as it shows that they are disorganised. If a violin teacher has flexible timing, it would be easy for the student and teacher to coordinate when changing dates or timing of the lesson.

What if I want to learn the violin with my friends and family?

Learning the violin together is great! This will allow you to share and help one another during the violin lesson. If you would like to share your musical experience with your friends or family, fill up the contact form on the contact page to inform us.

What if I don’t own a violin?

If you are not an owner of a violin, have no worries. Our teachers may have an extra violin depending on your violin size. However, we advise all students to own a violin as you will need to practice during your free time.

What are your private lesson fees?

For our 1 to 1 violin lessons, there is no fixed price. Our fees depends on the location of your home and the grade you are learning at. To receive a price quote, please contact us.

What if I want to join?

If you would like to join our private violin lessons, contact our violin teachers today. Please tell us where your home is and the grade you wish to learn at when filling up the contact form.