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Want to become a violin teacher?

Have you completed your music journey and finally achieved your violin diploma? Congratulations! If you love playing the violin and would like it to be your career, you have two choices- be a violinist or a violin teacher.

For those whom love to perform on the stage and impress the audience, the role of a violinist would suit you. However, those whom love to help others and share their knowledge would probably prefer being a violin teacher. A good violin teacher needs to be patient, caring and able to explain and teach in detail.

What are the benefits of being a violin teacher?

Being a violinist is not a bad idea. However, taking over as a violin teacher has its benefits. This author have listed below several benefits of being a violin teacher.

  • Able to learn from students.
  • Flexible timings and locations.
  • Make friends with parents and students.
  • Share your knowledge and teach your students.
  • Able to teach something you love to do.
What are the qualities we look for in a good violin teacher?

During the interview, we will look out for several qualifications.

  • Knowledgable about the violin and music.
  • Clear and through in explanation.
  • Patient with young children.
  • Able to sight read violin pieces.
  • Has at least a Grade 5 ABRSM pass.
  • Flexible timing schedule.
  • Have a car or able to reach students’ homes smoothly. (This is important if you would like to apply to be a private violin teacher.)

In addition, there are several qualities that we do not want to see.

  1. Has a habit to be late for classes and always rushing off after classes.
  2. Wastes time in class by loafing around.
  3. Gets angry easily and scolds students.
  4. Is rude and always shouts at students. (We strictly do not allow any screaming in our toddler violin lessons or children violin lessons.)
  5. Always gets violent and emotional.
  6. Has a bad attitude towards music and violin
How can I get in touch?

Before meeting with you, we would like to know about you. We have listed below a few things we would like you to tell us.

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your contact number and email
  • Address or part of Singapore you live in
  • An introduction about yourself
  • When you started learning the violin
  • Which grade you have passed
  • Any violin teaching experience
  • Which violin teacher you learnt from (please state the violin school if any)
  • Whether you would like to teach the violin at your own home or students’ home

To send in your qualifications, fill up the contact form on the right or visit our contact page.