Benefits of taking guitar lessons



Recently, Violin Lessons Singapore has teamed up with Guitar Lessons Singapore to provide our students with an easy and great way to take guitar lessons! Not only is a guitar easy to carry around like the violin, but you will be able to bring all you have learned from the violin classroom, over to your guitar lesson!

Advantages of Learning the Guitar

  • Play the guitar at gigs or for street performances. Not only do you get to earn some pocket money but get experience in playing in front of a crowd.
  • By taking guitar lessons, you will be able to test yourself and bring over your music theory knowledge into guitar lessons.
  • Through learning the guitar, you will be able to expand your music knowledge, especially on string instruments.
  • You will be able to learn to manage your time better as your schedule will be likely to be filled with both violin and guitar lessons.
  • One will be able to build character through taking guitar lessons as it opens people up to love different types of music: pop, rock, etc.
  • You will be able to learn and play famous songs from the guitar teacher during the guitar lesson.
  • As a guitar is good with other musical instruments, you will be able to join a band.
  • By learning both the guitar and violin, you will be able to familiarise yourself with both worlds of music.

Why Learn the Guitar With Guitar Lessons Singapore

Like us, Guitar Lessons Singapore is a Singapore guitar school that specializes in private music lessons.

Guitar Lessons Singapore not only has experienced but ABRSM-certified guitar teachers as well. Their guitar teachers also have many testimonials and reviews from their students. In addition, they are required to have a passion for teaching and working with students, especially young children during children’s guitar lessons.

In their private guitar lessons, their private guitar teachers focus on helping students build a strong foundation, especially for beginners. Instead of teaching students to memorize the exam songs to pass and move on to a higher grade, their guitar teachers encourage students to take guitar lessons for pleasure.

Following, their guitar lessons fees are affordable and vary depending on the location of the student and whether the student is able to travel to the teacher’s home studio.

Lastly, with Guitar Lessons Singapore, you will be able to learn the guitar happily and without any pressure or distractions. This is because they focus on 1 to 1 private guitar lessons which will allow students to have flexible lesson timings and for students to learn in a comfortable and quiet environment.