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Beginner Violin Lessons

Free 1 Week Violin Trial For Beginners!

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What can I expect from beginner lessons?

Every professional violist starts slow and steady. Getting to be familiar with the music notes and the stings on the violin, as well as building up your foundation takes time. Despite having the desire to move on quickly, you will need to have the patience to build up your foundation. Learning the skill completely cannot harm you. It can only help you.

The very basics of playing the violin can be found in books and videos. However, trying it out for yourself and having someone guiding you is more effective and through.

When training to become a professional violist, you would not want to have a sudden realisation- you do not understand the basics completely. Even the best violinists could meet challenges if they have a weak foundation.

Relearning the steps is a difficult thing to do. You would have to erase whatever you have learnt and input the correct steps into your mind. This would cause you to start from scratch, forgetting whatever you have learnt before.

What are the benefits of building a strong foundation?

People do not see the benefits when they have achieved their goal- being successful violist. However, we have seen people whom were hindered because of their weak understanding of the basics.

  • Get to know more about the violin.

Our violin teachers will brief you on the examination syllabus and expectations.

  •  Learn difficult songs easily.

Our violin teachers will teach you to sight read the music notes and the meaning of the music signs.

  •  Able to adjust the tune of your violin.

Use simple but effective tuning methods to adjust your own violin to your liking.

  •  Learn how to hold the violin bow correctly.

Watch simple videos and receive guidance from our violin teachers.

  •  Position where to place your fingers on the stings of violin.

Have small markings on your violin and receive notes on the correct positions for your fingers.

  •  How to avoid discomfort when playing the violin.

Prevent shoulder and neck aches when playing the violin.

What can I expect from each lesson?

Lesson 1

We will ensure a proper introduction to music and violin lessons- exam syllabus, the instrument and the proper grip and posture. Thereafter, you will get to know more about the examination style and expectations.

Lesson 2

You will be taught to look after your violin. Our violin teachers will teach you simple violin restringing methods. In addition, you are advised to buy a strong case to prevent any damages to your violin.

Lesson 3

Before playing the violin, you must learn the right way to hold the violin and bow. Our violin teachers will guide and correct you during your learning process.

Lesson 4

You will learn to prevent aches in your neck and shoulder. This is often the cause of people complaining and hence dread to play the violin. Our violin teachers will teach you when to take breaks and how to reduce the pain.

Lesson 5

For those without music theory lessons, our violin teachers will teach you to recognise the music notes on music pieces and play them on your violin.

Why take our beginner violin lessons?

As a ‘virgin’ to violin and music, it is important to learn from good violin teachers. There are a number of violin schools in Singapore that provide beginner violin lessons. Out of all of them, why learn the violin from our violin teachers?

  1. We provide affordable yet quality violin lessons.
  2. Our violin teachers provide flexible timing violin lessons.
  3. Our violin teachers teach students to read the notes and pieces instead of memorising exam songs for the sake of passing.
  4. All our violin teachers are ABRSM certified and have lots of testimonials from students.