Remote vs Online Violin lessons



Taking violin lessons remotely have become the trend in digital age. With technology, it’s expected for us to be presented with much more options. However there can be few things irreplaceable by the technology window. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of taking online violin lessons in comparison to learning with a violin teacher in same room.

The Pros
Comfort and Convenience

An online violin teacher is available to you regardless of your location. All you need is a stable internet connection, violin and a computer. These aspects open up the window for every aspiring violinist in the globe. You can take classes at desirable timings. Violin teachers may have the courtesy to call learners in case they don’t show up on time. There’s lot less things to commute, thereby making life easy.


You may find around a dozen violin teachers in your city and one to two near your locality. You cannot choose teachers based on too many parameters. With online teaching options you are allowed to have a variety of options. You can find violin teacher who uses known language as medium even if belong to ethnic minority in the community. Violin teachers can be found for any kind of monthly budget you have in mind.

Price of Violin Lesson

Take away the transportation charges, your violin lessons expense cuts down several bucks. Violin teachers charge a lot less online since they can give more lessons a day. The wide range of fees makes it possible for any budding violinist to have a tutor. Apart from the initial investment including webcam and microphone, the costs thereafter are much lesser. If you have a webcam and microphone plus there is an active internet connection, you don not have to incur these costs.

Additional Benefits

By taking online violin lessons, you have the option to record the lessons and watch them again freely. You can practice the notes to perfection, when you have access to the tutorial videos. Students with disabilities and people who are handicapped physically can now take violin lessons without much discomfort. You have access to all the facilities, you enjoy at home. From normal comfort starting with tilting the table fan towards you, you have it all. Even from office, school, home or anywhere, you have access to your tutor.

The Cons

One cannot be sure about commitment of an online violin teacher. Through every site has a reputation system, a local good teacher is more reliable. You can’t be sure the reviews are unbiased or not. Online teachers who come with fewer fees don’t have a huge reputation to save. Years of existence as a coach are likely to be smaller number in case of internet classes. Websites are always vulnerable to security attack and internet comes with tons of scam too.

Connection Issues

There is always the case of lag with internet lessons. Being in sync with the teacher in playing the composition can take a blow. The finest internet connections too are vulnerable to periodical issues. Low sound and video quality can ruin classes. You need the top equipment and fast internet connection to overcome this issue. When you live in remote places, chances of having such internet are low.

Hard on Beginners

Beginners won’t find it comfortable to start with online beginner violin classes. Beginners would find it challenging to know what the classes are about. An online teacher can’t devote patience and focus to help eliminate beginner issues. Without the tutor being in the room, beginners wouldn’t be sure they are doing it right. At the end of the day, any art needs personal touch.

Learning Posture

Online violin teacher cannot correct the learner’s grip and posture. Classes in person would facilitate such fixes. High level of communication needs to happen without difficulties or barriers for such delicate corrections to happen. Inability to get teacher’s instruction would come back to hurt you. Posture and grip are basics and one need to get it perfect. This is one aspect, the parents and children need to decide together.

The pros and cons must help you decide which option would suit yourself. Lot depends on options available to you as well as your preferences. We hope the points we discussed would help a great deal. Good luck with learning the violin!