Old violin donated to museum



Grandfather’s violin donated to the museum by grandson

Dave Cory is a retired auto repairman. Just recently, he donated a violin to the Old Jail Museum in Albion. His violin is not ordinary. It’s Dave’s grandfather’s violin. According to kpcnews.com Dave’s grandfather, Joe Cory, crafted the violin himself, using wood gathered outside Albion.

“It’s where it belongs for others to see, rather than sitting in a basement collecting dust,” Dave Cory decided to donate the violin to the Old Jail Museum after it being passed down after generations and generations. The hand-made violin has finally gotten out of dust and is now on display to the public. To see the hand-made violin for yourself, visit the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

A similar donation

State Senator Judy Schwank donated her childhood violin to Kaylah Garcia. She was given the violin from her Father when she was young. Kaylah Garcia was picked as she practiced more than any other student in her school. Judy Schwank was glad that her childhood violin would go to a good home, and knowing that it would be well used.

Donating instruments

There will be a point when you will stop making music- you have no time to play, lost interest, or have simply forgotten how to play the instrument. It is sad to hear that many throw away their instruments as there are many whom would love to take in those instruments.

Searching for a home for your violin could be challenging- you might not know where your violin would end up in. To make your job easier, we have found several websites which collects used violins and finds good homes for them.

This post is written for two reasons:

  1. To help find violins a good home
  2. Help those whom are unable to afford a violin still be able to learn music.

“Sharing is caring” This is a true saying. By donating our unwanted instruments, we can make a big impact to those whom truly loves music. To help instruments find good homes, share this post by sharing this post.