9-year-old girl back to playing the violin after brain surgery



A 9-year-old girl’s arm shuddered as she puller her violin bow. When asked whether she was tired, Sophie Fellows shook her head. With her eyes were focused on the violin strings, she continued playing. As Sophie begun playing the first few trembling notes, she suddenly stopped. In a small voice, she asked, “What’s the tune of this one again?”

Sophie has returned to playing the violin, less than a month since her brain surgery operation. Doctors have removed a tumor, the size of a plum, from her brain. She has spent nine days in intensive care, after her left lung collapsed suddenly. To correct her double vision, Sophie wears an eye patch. Although her left side of her body is weak, Sophie refused to give up the song.

“You look a bit tired. Do you want to rest?” the music therapist asked. Sophie’s reply was a resounding ‘no’, and continued playing the song to the end.

According to bostongglobe.com, Sophie has been experiencing headaches and was throwing up since November and early December last year in year 2014. To their shock, the doctors found a tumorĀ in her brain. How could there be a tumor inside her when she looked completely normal outside?

Since then, Sophie went through surgeries. Even after Christmas, she could not talk and could not coordinate her fingers and eyes. Despite this, Sophie said that she was never scared throughout the ordeal. Sophie’s whole family had been together with her. Lucy, Sophie’s older sister, were lovingly playing together- creating a board game and making bracelets.

What impresses us is that despite all the pain and struggles, Sophie still managed to pull through without giving up. Even when playing her violin, Sophie never stopped despite her shaky condition. Sophie is a great role model for all of us to learn from- never give up and keep moving on. We all hope that Sophie’s condition will improve and that she will recover soon.