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Free Music Theory Grade 1 Tutorial

Free 1 Week Violin Trial For Beginners!

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Would you like free music theory tutorial?

Are you preparing for your upcoming music theory grade 1 exam? If you feel that you are unprepared, then the video below is just for you. This music theory grade 1 tutorial is taught by our student. This is a must watch as he will revise with you the basics and must-know of music theory grade 1. Unlike other music teachers on the web, we know what will be tested and hence created this video to ensure that everyone can pass their grade 1 music theory exam.  

Love learning from online?

The good news is that we have other online violin video tutorials for you:

  • The right way to hold a violin.

If you love learning the violin from your computer, then the online tutorials above are just for you, free of charge.  

What are the disadvantages of leaning from online?

As much as you love the convenience of having your online violin lesson anytime and anywhere, there are disadvantages from just watching online tutorials. Unlike violin lessons, you do not have the violin teacher beside you to answer your questions. In addition, having a violin teacher beside you can correct your mistakes on the spot. With just having a recorded online tutorial as your teacher, there is a chance that the information you are learning may be outdated or wrong. Hence it is important to check the date on which the tutorial was created and the reliability of the source. The music theory tutorial above have been taught by our student whom has passed his grade 5 music theory exam. Hence he is capable to teach you grade 1 music theory. 

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