10-year-old violinist plays for pay



Mason Daly is a 10-year-old violinist. He plays the violin in public, and receive tips from happy passer-by.

According to anewscafe.com, Mason first started when he had wanted to buy an electric violin. However, his father, Michael Daly, told him that he would have to earn the money. That was when Mason started playing the violin in public, after getting the idea from watching videos on Youtube.

Sundial Bridge was the first place Mason went to make his first dollar. He made $93 in one night. His parents were amazed with the amount of money Mason was able to make and were hooked from then on.

Masons usually goes to the Dollar Tree by Sequoia after school, and Sundial Bridge where he receive a lot of tips. Despite playing at various places, Masons’s parents would always be nearby to keep an eye on him.

Despite impressing people with his violin, Mason only picked up the violin a year ago. This may seem impressive, but only shows that learning the violin is possible with the right mindset and a good violin teacher.

With all the money earned, Mason does not go around spending them. Instead, he uses the money to repair his violin and pay for private violin lessons to improve his playing. Mason dreams to be a professional violinist in the future. Watch the video below to see Mason playing his violin.

Street musicians

We often pass by street musicians everyday. It may seem that making music is easy. However, there is actually a lot of hard work unseen. Street musicians spend a lot of time and money to sharpen their skill.

For young street musicians such as Mason, playing the violin in public is beneficial in many ways. Besides being able to improve with such constant practise, he is able to gain experience and confidence from playing in public. Hence Mason will not feel awkward when playing the violin on stage. In addition, he is able to use the money he receives from tips to fund for private violin lessons to improve.

Sharing music with others is spreading the joy of making music. Hence we always support people whom makes music in public. This author have gathered a few tips for those whom would like to become a street musician.

  1. Find a good spot.

Somewhere crowded and where people feel relaxed, not rushed. (Example: Orchard or Sentosa)

  1. Dress smartly.

Impress people with not only your music but appearance as well. Look smart and confident.

  1. Let people hear you when you play.

Use speakers and stand up to play for people to notice you.

  1. Be gracious if someone asks you to leave.

If a passer-by tells you to leave, smile and do not retailiate.

  1. Smile and have fun.

Relax and enjoy making and sharing music with others.

Being a street musician is hard. However, determination and a good attitude can help you make a lot of money and receive thumbs up from passer-by. When you are faced with challenges, never give up and continue to improve your playing- hard work always pays off. Hence knowing that performing in public is difficult, always remember to tip street musicians when you see them.